You Were Born for Such a Time as This! (PROPHECY)


My dearest daughter and all those who walk in obedience to Me,  another large shift has taken place. Those of you sensitive to My Spirit know that this season is much different from any you have experienced in the past. You have been trained and taught; however, and I remind you of the words that I have spoken to you over the years- that My Bride will see much just before I come for you. Is not all that is truly evil on full display now? A full disclosure of all the enemy’s wicked plans for the souls of men is upon you. It must be so in order that all that has remained hidden for so long is now uncovered. Have I not said I will expose all things? Evil has been manifesting without hinderance, but only for a very short time, and then,  I will act. All that was hidden is now being brought to the surface, and agendas once secret are now being revealed. This is done in order that the decision a soul must make is extremely clear- you are either for Me or against Me. Just when the enemy believes he will have the victory, I will powerfully manifest in and through My army, and this world will not have known anything like this since the beginning. I will cut through the hearts of men with My Sword of Truth, and many, many will be saved. 

You ask Me what I would have you do My jewels. Declare in unity all of My truths in this realm many times throughout your day. Declare a thing and it shall be so! There is unmatched power and authority when My truth is being spoken collectively. Declare what is already done in the spiritual to manifest in the physical now. Call forth the fulfillment of My promises and watch what I will do! Declare miracles and supernatural blessings, provision and protection and it will be as you have declared it, because My storehouses of Heaven are open! As I am in My Father, you are in Me, so you are in The Father and We operate as One. As heirs to My Kingdom, My royal priesthood and sons and daughters, much has been given and now I require from you, for you to take a powerful spiritual stand like you have not done before. You are to be bold and courageous and without fear. Many of you who have been hidden in secret will now come forth, but do not be afraid! For I am with you. I go before you, and nothing by any means can harm you. You were born for such a time as this, so rejoice My children. The hour is much later than most understand, but you as My set apart ones know this, and you will shine with the light of your Creator in the midst of the darkest of days on this earth. I have much, much to share with you and great is the reward of you who have overcome!

A greater work is now taking place within My first fruits group and not all who were in agreement with you previously will continue to be. This will especially be noticed in those who call themselves My believers and followers. My Word says I will come to judge My church first, and this is what is taking place. 

Each one of you has a unique assignment and purpose, and you must cleave to the intimate counsel you each have been given in order to maintain your focus, as all is shifting so rapidly now. Go when I say go. Stay when I say stay, and do not engage unless explicitly instructed to do so. Do not concern yourselves with the outcome of loved ones who cannot make the choice to fully surrender right now. Bless them, and stay on your course for Me. I have told you I have them, so pray for them unceasingly and trust Me. Your prayers are more powerful than you would believe- sweet incense to Me and I hear each one. 

A great anointing will fall upon you My beautiful ones and nothing will remain the same again. Continue to stay emptied of self and sit at My feet continually. There are many that assist you in the unseen, and these too will very soon be revealed. My plan is a game changer for the enemy, as I set the world on fire with My Spirit. As My truth invades, all must respond as the frequency shifts and love pours in. 

My design is perfect, as I am perfect. 



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