When The Narcissist’s Daughter Attempts to Speak Out

When anyone chooses to speak out against a narcissist they’ll immediately experience severe gaslighting and intimidation via flying monkeys. However, if you’re a child of a narcissist you might experience the silent treatment after a bombardment of threats from the narcissistic parent and their enablers, later followed by love bombing with gifts and hush money if they need to do damage control. They’ll manipulate their child’s (adult children also) emotions and keep them in a continued state of confusion about how the parent truly feels about them. Please protect your children and expose these monsters.

Somehow the flying monkeys will justify Derek’s abuse and give him the pass in the end. They’ll pretend to care about his daughter while doing absolutely nothing to hold him accountable and support her voice. This is why abusers continue to boldly abuse others because most people are silent, and if they’re not silent, even though there’s a ton of evidence against the abuser, enablers will still support the abuser. They’re absolutely insane!!

My ex’s daughter attempted to speak out on several TikTok videos publicly, but she was ignored by the people who claim to care about her. Instead, they spend their time watching me and attempting to silence my voice through gaslighting and stalking. They could be using their energy to support her, but ignorant toxic enablers love to hurt others and stir up drama.

Although Kyra’s aunt told me she rescued the kids on several occasions because the fighting between the parents was so bad, she did not help this young lady, instead, she supported the abuser and wrote her off as a brat. The young lady’s mother also told me he hit her constantly, dragged her, beat her with a pistol, she slept with a knife in the guest bedroom, and he killed the family dog with his bare hands in front of the whole family, but she too did not stand up against him in the end. She did nothing to protect her children and instead sided with her abuser (and supported his lie of having a restraining order against me…yes, she lied to her child for her abuser), further silencing her daughter’s voice.

I pray for Kyra’s voice to be heard one day because she keeps her videos public for a reason. Lord, give her the strength to stand up for what’s right. I truly hope she’ll get the justice she deserves and that the Lord will show her she’s enough.

Everyone can’t be a liar. I’m okay with being labeled as such by others, they can call me whatever they’d like to because their lies won’t change the truth. At some point the chickens will come home to roost. On the other hand, the daughter and I could both be delusional liars because according to Derek’s girlfriend, the daughter’s mother (Tamica) has great respect for her and they are besties (see her receipt below…as she called it):

Here’s the link to Jennifer White’s (Derek’s girlfriend) Facebook conversation with me:


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