Abuse by Proxy: Alexis Bryana Ramos, An Enabler/Flying Monkey for Derek Phillips

Alexis Bryana Ramos took it upon herself to support my ex, an abuser, and she has decided it’s okay for her to attack someone she has never met, who has never hurt her, has never hurt anyone she knows, didn’t approach any of them first, but here she is to further abuse those who are trying to speak out against their abusers. The very twisted part about her behavior is she claims (on TikTok: @alexisbryana_) that her stepfather abused her, yet she’s participating in abusing someone else. She fully expects people to listen to her experience and believe her, however, as someone who claims to be a victim of abuse, she feels it is perfectly fine to poke fun at another person who has been abused. She’s working to do exactly what she’s accusing her family of doing to her, attempting to silence others’ voices. This is very sick, but not uncommon with enablers. She’s pointing her finger at her mother for protecting her stepfather, but she has stooped even lower to protect an abuser who is not her boyfriend or a member of her family. Could it be possible that she’s also sleeping with my ex? This is behavior that usually comes from someone who is sleeping with the abuser. She has no proof of her claims, but she’s super confident she knows the truth. People like her with so much hate, anger, and evil in their hearts are the reason victims are often ignored or bullied.

I blocked her on Facebook first, and then she took it upon herself to find me on Youtube. I didn’t bother her or come looking for her, she came looking for me, but she won’t admit this truth. She really should ask herself why, and hopefully she’ll open her eyes and see the truth.
Leave this family alone? I haven’t mentioned anyone she knows for nearly three years and I’ve never even heard of her. Recently, she and her “family” showed up at a public place I was enjoying with friends and I’m certain they were there on purpose. I’m sure my ex knew where I would be because it was public information on social media a few months before I met with my friends. All of the devils present with my ex didn’t ask him any questions, they just decided (as usual) I was the problem. The same people who attacked me when they found out I shared my story about my ex are still trying to silence my voice. I didn’t know they existed until they included themselves in the story three years ago, and I didn’t know Alexis existed until recently. She is as random as random can be, but I’m here to help her become a part of this story as she so desperately wants to be.

Alexis’ posts are what’s called “word salad,” which is a bunch of random rants that have nothing to do with the truth or the issue. The goal of “word salad” is to make victims feel confused and bully them to stop speaking against their abuser. Oftentimes, there are gangs of people (which I have experienced) who will clump up with the narcissist because the truth is, there’s something evil at work within them. They are hateful and miserable people who get a kick out of hurting others. They’re rude, disgruntled, and chronic projectors. What she’s doing to me is sinister in nature and unfortunately, the narcissist she’s standing up for is a coward rapist and abuser who will never stand up for her or any of the other flying monkeys. Alexis truly believes she’s not doing Derek’s dirty work, yet here she is not only protecting him and attempting to silence my voice, but she’s silencing his daughter’s and ex-wife’s voices as well. She should give herself a huge pat on the back for being just like the people who enable her abuser.

In addition, Alexis also attacked me with claims that I made comments about the deceased father of her boyfriend and his sisters. Now, one of the sisters, Kaiya Webb, attacked me on social media approximately three years ago, and I may have made a comment at that time about their father among other information that was shared with me about these people that I still do not know and have never met. I didn’t personally know the man she claims I spoke so wrongly about, but I do know he’s listed as a convicted rapist and abuser, according to public court documents and public news articles, but somehow I’m at fault for mentioning this truth. I’m at fault for Jennifer White choosing to have children with a rapist and then covering up for him, just like she’s doing for Derek Phillips. People don’t want to face the truth, they only want innocent people to submit to their lies. Why is Alexis here bringing up something I may have said in 5 seconds, three years ago? Why won’t she ask herself the hard questions? Why won’t she believe the red flags she’s seeing in Derek Phillips? All of a sudden, the people who attacked me are now somehow victims of my telling the truth. This is typical behavior from abusive and toxic people. Abusers are always the victim when you respond with the truth.

Here’s what I know to be true for each and every person who participates in abuse, “Evil will never leave the house of one who pays back evil for good” (Proverbs 17:13). I have never done anything to hurt these people, but they go out of their way to try to silence my voice and my right to speak out against my abusive ex, Derek Phillips, and the evils of abuse in general. Derek is a rapist and abuser, and no amount of gaslighting and covering up will change the truth into the lies they’re perpetuating. If Alexis really wanted to know the truth about the abuser she’s protecting, she would simply listen to his daughter who has several public TikTok videos stating the truth that her father is abusive. We all know people like Alexis don’t really care about the truth, she only cares about protecting an abusive liar. She only cares about the tales she spins about her stepfather, not the stories of other victims. She will never find peace with this type of behavior. In fact, when the wrath of God comes through for Derek Phillips (because he’ll eventually pay for the things he’s done), she might catch a bit of his judgment as well. God takes note of everyone who participates in emotional and physical crimes against His children.

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