Abuse by Proxy: Jennifer White Covering Up for Derek Phillips

Abusers (Narcissists) often work in tandem with other abusers or enablers. They will marry, date, or befriend these people to help with their cover-up because they know these people like them and enablers are easier to manipulate and more willing to help with abusing other people. Epstein’s wife aided in the abuse of many innocent girls, so don’t be surprised if your offender teams up with someone who would allow them to do just about anything to them and others while covering up the truth.

Derek’s new girlfriend called me a stupid bitch for getting raped and pregnant (I miscarried alone) by someone who I claimed to be abusive. I can’t say she was wrong for that statement because it was a very stupid move on my part for ever entertaining someone so dirty and sick. I should have left when he TOLD me exactly who he is, a narcissist. However, I wonder what name she calls herself at this point? I’m sure she’s laid down and let him walk all over her, I’m sure he’s called her a cunt, bitch, slut, etc, but maybe she likes that kind of thing and considers disrespect acceptable. Only someone who lacks self-love would allow someone like Derek to remain in their lives for an extended period of time.

Jennie (the enabler) encouraged her children and other family members to harass me on social media. She reached out to my boss with lies in an attempt to get me fired, and she worked in tandem with my abuser to hunt me down in an effort to intimidate me into silence. I’ve never met this woman and the only thing I know about her is what I looked up in the court system, hear-say from people who said they know her, and the display of her behavior.

Apparently, she’s known for this type of toxic behavior and will recruit younger people to help her do dirty work, including her own children. One of her so-called friends reached out to me to say she was sorry I was going through the social media attacks and told me the name of the young lady that was bothering me on social media, because I didn’t initially know her name (Kaiya Webb), and the name of her mother (Jennifer White). When I later researched the new girlfriend’s background in the court system, while I was under attack, I found out the father of her children was charged (along with two other men) with first-degree rape, and domestic violence against her, but she continued to have children with this man and enabled him to abuse her and her children until he died. Protect yourself with facts, write everything down, record everything, and tell the world about your abuser. You have the right to speak about it, and if others include themselves in your story, you have the right to speak out about that part too.

Note: The conversation below is approximately three years old at the time of this post. I reached out to Derek’s new girlfriend because, at this point, her daughter (and other family members) had been harassing me on social media, and now, she had unblocked me to continue the attacks. I didn’t fully understand what I was dealing with and I thought I could be a reasonable adult and ask her to stop. The text attacks that followed were heartbreaking at the moment because I didn’t know this person and had never spoken to her, but she hated me based on my abuser’s smear campaign. To be honest, I felt the same way about his ex when I was with him.

At this point, I had already been harassed by her daughter and other people she knew. Therefore, because I was very insecure and didn’t know my self-worth, I decided to beg for respect and space. I should have never acknowledged her, but I took the bait and she took the opportunity to say all of the things she felt about a woman who had never done anything to harm her. I did the same thing. I lashed out at a woman who didn’t do anything to me directly, so one could say this was an opportunity for me to see how it felt, but on a level 10x’s worse. I was exchanging words with a sick monster.
Derek’s ex-wife never spoke to this woman, in fact, at the time of this message, the ex-wife posted on Twitter about how sad it was that the father refused to help their daughter pay for college because he hates the ex-wife. Flying monkeys are usually very desperate enablers with extremely low self-esteem. They will lie for your abuser, pretend for the abuser, and enable them to continue abusing them, the people around them, and they will help them abuse you. I never stopped by my ex’s house, called him, or even spoke to people he was acquainted with, but his enabler perpetuated this lie to make herself feel good. I did share his daughter’s public TikTok video about how her dad traumatized their family, the new girlfriend called her a bitch, and the family had a restraining order against me (this part was untrue, but it was a part of the smear campaign against me). .
This is her receipt. I didn’t even know what that meant at the time, now I do. She went as far as to change a name in her phone to protect my abuser. I was truly sad for her at that moment because she’s obviously sick in the head. I had never met anyone like this before and I was truly shocked that she would tell lies and enable her own demise in the future. To this day, my ex has never stood up for her. She’s fighting for a man who doesn’t fight for her, and she hasn’t stopped to ask herself why?
I did not respond in length after this last message. Apparently, she has a friend who is a licensed psychologist who has diagnosed me, although she’s never met me. She’s supposedly an educated professional who diagnoses people based on hear-say. If I knew her name, I would share this information with her to make sure she knows how her friend uses her. However, this person lied about so many other things, I’m willing to bet this was a lie as well. Her friend should know that she’s using her credentials to corroborate lies and this could jeopardize her license. Enablers/Narcissists are so desperate, they’re willing to use anyone to save face for an abuser and they don’t care about how it will affect anyone around them.

People continued to stalk me on social media, call my phone all hours of the day and night, sit in front of my home, follow me around town, and my son even witnessed my ex passing his dad’s house several times. When you expose these monsters, they will try to intimidate you through trying to fight for others to see the truth they don’t want to see.

Here’s the link to the letter Jennifer White wrote to my boss: https://northofthefray.com/when-the-smear-campaign-comes-to-your-job?preview_id=1885&preview_nonce=7f13b56731&preview=true

She hoped her whiteness would be enough for her to speak and get a black woman fired from her job. She was entitled to write this letter and used her white privilege to attempt to hurt other people. This is typical narcissistic and racist behavior, however, it didn’t work in her favor because my boss was a black woman who had dealt with this type of behavior for many, many years, plus she witnessed my ex harassing me.

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