God Hates Narcissism

Psalm 11:5

The Lord trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth.

It is true, God hates narcissism, narcissists, the wicked, scoffers, mockers, false prophets, deceivers, children of Satan, brood of vipers, whatever you want to call them. They have many names, but their behavior is the same. They are despised and unwelcomed in the presence of God and we need to make them feel unwelcomed in our presence as well. God hates those who love violence and those who violently assault others psychologically and physically. God does not love these types of people and He will not allow them into His kingdom, lest they repent. Psalm 11:5 eliminates all confusion about how God feels about abuse; He hates it deep within His soul.

Today, violence is popular and condoned by many, hence the frequently used hashtags #ChooseViolence #IChoseViolence #IChooseViolence. We’re witnessing so many people make what is evil to be good and what is good to be evil. Be careful not to be deceived. God is not pleased with any form of violence and because He hates it, the punishment for those who participate in violence will be severe. God does not forget the deeds of the wicked, and He will repay each one for their violent actions. 

There are many different types of violence, but it seems domestic violence is tolerated, prevalent, and widely accepted among those who call themselves believers. This reality is very disheartening, therefore, I decided to search for videos on YouTube to see if there were any pastors who spoke on the issue of abuse from the perspective of the abused or addressed the issue at all. Of course, there weren’t many, and the few who did, well, their perspective favored the abuser. As I continued searching, I discovered Pastor Mike Novotny’s video “Abuse: What Does God Say to the Abused?” This was one of maybe two videos that compassionately supported victims of abuse and shared the truth in a way I had never heard from the pulpit. Novotny shared Psalm 11:5 and he said “God hates abusers!” And he was right, but I had never heard a leader share the truth so decidedly. After hearing Novotny’s message, I felt comfort in knowing that God does address the issue of abuse in scripture, and I needed to share this truth with everyone who struggles with wondering if God cares about the abuse. Well, He not only cares about what has happened to you, but He also HATES it, and He hates abusers, those who love violence. 

*Excerpt From the book: The Unspoken Truth About Narcissism: Something Evil at Work

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