Something Evil At Work: Modern Feminism, Hypergamy, and MGTOW

Feminism, let’s talk about it from a biblical perspective, beginning with when the serpent (satan) deceived Eve and made her believe she could be just like God if she would only do things her way (you find this grandiose spirit in feminism, hypergamy, red pill, & MGTOW). Eve felt entitled to do whatever made her feel good for that moment and Satan told her she deserved to be equal to God and do all of the things that God does, and that God was keeping the best for himself and not sharing the knowledge, so what did she do? She disobeyed God, worked against God, and she ate from the tree, the tree God warned her not to eat from or it would kill who he created her to be. But Eve knew better, and after she took that bite she handed it to her husband and he willingly took a bite as well. On that day, part of them surely died, but they were so proud of themselves for “going their own way,” that they didn’t initially realize there was a problem, and they didn’t realize they were now in the dark until the light of God came to visit them.

On the day Adam and Eve disobeyed God, Eve decided she knew more than her husband and God, so she made an agreement to be deceived by the very thing she was warned about. Eve felt it was her right to decide, but it really wasn’t, God had already decided for her and Adam, but that wasn’t good enough for her. Eve allowed pride to take over and it ruined her life in the garden. Her decision eventually brought shame on her and her husband. She was unhappy with her newfound freedom to do as she pleases and regretted going her on way. This wasn’t the way she wanted things to go, this wasn’t what the deceiver promised her it would look like, but it was too late, she had already made the choice and this decision destroyed her family. 

Eve’s decision and Adam’s lack of leadership (we’ll talk about that later) cost them everything. A part of both of them died that day and it seemed like a death of a thousand cuts as people over time continue to relive that same moment at the tree of knowledge of good and evil over and over again.  The same subtle spirit that destroyed Adam & Eve’s lives through confusion and division continues to convince women that feminism is the way to go, hypergamy is what she deserves, and encourages men to go their own way because the female will never do right by him. It’s all about control on both sides and the point of God setting the rule to not eat from the tree was to establish one simple truth….GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL, even when you go your own way, but people don’t want God to control, they want to do it their way. Let me ask you, women, how will you survive without men? Let me ask you, men, how will you survive without women? Both sides need the other side. 

Alright, so let’s talk a little more about feminism, this movement started off making a lot of sense with equal pay, equal rights, fair treatment, equal, equal, equal, ec. All of those things sound great, right? Guess what? Eve thought what the serpent told her sounded great as well, and it kind of made sense, but did he reveal the whole truth? No, he didn’t.

You see, there was a problem with feminism/the feminist movement from the very beginning, but folks seem to forget history and find it to be irrelevant today, but I think it’s key to understanding the foundational spirit of this movement, just like it’s key to understanding biblical history to gain a full perspective of today..

The feminist movement was created for white women who fought for equal rights for white women ONLY. They fought for white women to be treated as equal to white men, not the equal to all men of all races because white women were already above every other race according to their ideology. In 1848, when the wave of feminism began, black women (or men) weren’t even considered fully human, which is proof feminism wasn’t created with equality in mind.

TODAY, the overall fight is not equal rights for other women, UNLESS, you’re a lesbian, pro-abortion, trans, or anything else that would not be an agenda God would support, then they’ll support you, but if you’re a woman of any other color losing your life to domestic violence well, I haven’t seen too many of them supporting women who are black, brown, or Asian woman . Women of color can our be on their posters if they support specific agendas. So I’m always confused to run into a black feminist, but even more confused to run into a Christian feminist no matter the race, considering the very dark inception of this movement and the modern-day debauchery woven into this movement.

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