Does God Speak Through Dreams?

Have you ever had a dream and awakened to the feeling that the dream had great meaning or was a direct message from God? I’ve had several dreams over my lifetime that I believe carry very serious messages for God’s children. A few of my serious dreams have come to pass, mostly the dreams that warned me to steer clear of dangerous people. I have not always taken heed to my dreams, but after experiencing the wrath of Leviathan, the spiritual python that only God can defeat, I’ve learned to stop and listen to what God has to say to me in my dreams.

My first serious dream pertaining to the condition of the world came when I was twenty years old. At that age, I was a very devout Christian with hopes and dreams that could not be thwarted by anyone, but myself. Well, over time I was the one who strayed away from God and I had forgotten the things He had shown me, avoided the path He had paved for me, and embraced people and behaviors that did not bring Him honor. This happened because I allowed fear to grip my soul and it caused me to fall for the lies of the enemy, satan. However, I’m a witness that our REDEEMER lives and I’m no longer bound by the chains of fear and shame.

Recently, I had a dream about a big snake, and I believe this was a warning that the antichrist has been revealed on the earth and he’s seeking to swallow up everyone, especially those who are the most naive. Anyone who follows others blindly will be gobbled up by those who serve satan by telling lies and deceiving others. Satan is working hard to distract us, but we can’t react, this is easier said than done, trust me I know. As I stay away from social media, I’m hearing the message clearer and clearer. Now is the time. Get ready!

Today, I work hard to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit, especially when I’m warned to move forward or wait, through dreams. The video link above and the video below includes two really important dreams I know God gave to me for others to hear. If you’re not a believer, I need you to understand something I know to be true: 1) satan wants to take you to hell, and 2) God loves you very much, so much that He came to earth to die for your sins, your mistakes, your fears. Please consider praying to God for eyes to see and ears to hear. Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your life and renew your mind and spirit so that you can be set free from any chains that bind you. You deserve unconditional love that only God can give. May God save you and keep you. Amen!

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