The Jezebel Spirit at Work: Women Who Fight and Lie For Men

In today’s world, the definition of a man and a woman are so mixed up and perverted to the point where women see nothing wrong with working to take care of a man (being the sole bread winner) and paying for everything while expecting very little from him. She also covers up his lies to her face and his lies against other people, and you’ll find her stalking and fighting other women (sometimes men too) to protect him. She never asks herself why is she fighting for someone who is capable of defending himself, but chooses to just sit back while she does all of the dirty work. Why doesn’t he fight for her? Why does he hide silently in the shadows while the woman makes a complete spectacle of herself? I’ll tell you why, because he’s hiding something, he’s hiding the truth about how he feels about her and the truth about who he is. Women who go back and forth with other women usually have very low-self esteem and have served as enablers for broken men for the majority of their lives, so they don’t see anything wrong with their behavior. They operate with very masculine movement while standing up to protect the man and pay for everything to make him look good. This man will string this woman along for as long as she’ll allow it.

This type of behavior reminds me of the story of Ahab and Jezebel (1 Kings 16:1–22:53). Ahab often stirred up the insecurities within Jezebel to get her to react and do his dirty work. Jezebel would use aggression towards anyone who threatened the lies that she told and the lie she was living with Ahab. If anyone spoke truth to her she would order to have them killed, just like she attempted with Elijah, but God kept him safe from her wrath and in the end repaid Jezebel for her wicked behavior. After Jezebel had made a complete fool of herself, Ahab allowed the people to kill her because the truth is, he never cared about her, he just needed someone dumb enough to take the fall for him just incase he was ever to be exposed. Well, that’s exactly what happened, Ahab was exposed, but he shifted the blame to Jezebel and she took the fall for both her and Ahab’s wickedness. After she was mauled by dogs, Ahab didn’t morn her death, and as far as we know in scripture, he never spoke of her again.

Ladies, if you’re fighting to keep a man, please understand it’s a sign that he doesn’t want to be kept by you (in other words, he doesn’t love you), and he’s probably using you. He’s willing to let you take care of him and act like a fool while you do everything he needs you to do (such as lying and attacking other women), but he’ll never stand up for you and protect you. You know how I know? Because if he cared he would never put you in a position to feel insecure about another woman in the first place. He would handle ALL situations that threaten your relationship with him if he really loved you. Believe what you’re seeing lest you allow the spirit of Jezebel to rule and reign in your heart. If you’re operating with the same attitude as Jezebel you’ll surely take the fall for it all in the end.

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