Sis, He’ll Never Marry You

So many women are wasting their time compromising their values and settling for less than what they want, for a man who has proven over and over that he does not love her. He doesn’t stand up for her, he makes her pay half the bills at his home, he’s always going out of town (ALONE), he’s always bringing food back to the house and doesn’t bring any for her, and she pays all of the bills at her home that she keeps on the side (he doesn’t pay half of the bills for her home), she pays for any activities they do because that’s the only way he’ll spend time with her, and he lies to her face and she knows it, but she covers up for him and lies to others about what’s really going on. I’ve been a variation of this person before, so I know what fake love looks like and I also know what compromising looks like. No matter how many cute pics you have for sporadic moments, don’t lie to yourself and believe what you’re going through is worth those few good times.

I think the saddest of all of these that I’ve seen is a woman who puts a man who is not her husband before her children. The second most desperate move I’ve seen a woman make is to put a ring that she purchased on her finger so she can appear to be in a married relationship. Meanwhile, the man she’s with is not reciprocating the same admiration and devotion to the relationship. He’s just in it for the ride and has probably told her several times that she can leave whenever she’s ready. Sweetheart, this man does not love you. Men fight for what they want. Men honor women they want. MEN RESPECT WOMEN THEY WANT. Men marry women they value.

Ladies, the lack of self-awareness causes you to do very desperate things. Again, this is coming from someone who has journeyed down that road before. It’s time to set some boundaries for yourself. Do you have children who are watching you compromise yourself for a man? Do you want your daughters (or any other young lady) to live with a man the way you do? You have to be strong for you and him. Aren’t you tired of being masculine? Is an unmarried relationship what you want? Most women don’t want to be a roommate and they have enough self-respect to set boundaries and uphold their values. These are the women good men marry. Why? Because they are self-aware and consistent.

Stop letting that man use you. Just stop for a minute and think about how much you do for him and how much he doesn’t do for you. He doesn’t take the time to honor you with sweet words, but you do it for him. He doesn’t make you feel special or worthy of his attention, and you’re probably always fighting some other woman for him or peeking around the corner to see what he’s doing. You’re being used and you don’t want to admit it. You’re fighting hard to prove that he cares, but he doesn’t. You’re living in his house and paying for him to get a leg up, but he’s not boosting you up. Why can’t he live in a shared home with both names on the deed, as your husband, and pay for you to level up? It’s simple sis, because he doesn’t want to and he doesn’t care.

Start today with being real with yourself or continue wasting your life chasing a man that is clearly running away from you. Be blessed and be smart when dating. Much love sisters!

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