A Deeper Purpose

This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it (Psalm 118:24)! So, this morning started off full of reminders about the importance of living with purpose and I thank God for helping me to stop for a minute and pay attention to the smaller moments that make my journey personal and purposeful.

Before Bible Study (held every Thursday in the school library) this morning, one of my students walked into the library, saw me sitting with another teacher, and bravely asked me to sit with him. He’s been attending the study for a month so far, and I didn’t realize it, but every Thursday he looked for me in the crowd so he could sit with me. However, when he requested for me to sit with him today it was at that moment that I realized God positioned me to be in a certain place at a certain time. These are the moments when life’s purpose proves to be deeper and bigger than any dream we could carry out on our own. Our purpose is always greater than one moment and effective for a lifetime.

As an educator, I wear many hats (counselor, coach, mentor, etc.) but the one I wear most often is the role of a fill-in mother. I take my fill-in role very seriously because I truly feel God chose me to be a blessing to as many kiddos as possible for as long as I have breath. Let me tell y’all, there’s no greater blessing than being used by God to positively influence the young people God places on my pathway to Heaven. My purpose makes all of the trauma and disappointments in life worth it because when I’m helping a young person process trauma, or if I’m filling in for a parent who is unwilling to be present for them, or when I help them apply to college and they get accepted (but thought they weren’t college worthy before), or when I take them home because it’s too cold to walk, or if I take them shopping for a prom dress, or if I’m just present in my classroom so they can talk because nobody usually listens….it’s in those moments that I understand life to be bigger than just me. It’s all-inclusive (meaning every moment matters) when it comes to purpose.

I hope you’re encouraged to dig deeper and pay attention to those smaller moments that we sometimes rush past. Pay attention to the person who is watching you. What will they learn from your actions? If you have children, think about how they’re affected by your decisions, sometimes even the smallest decision. What can you do right now to make this moment count? Every single second of your life matters so cling to your purpose and don’t let go. 🙂

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