Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

As I continue my healing journey, I learn more about who I am, why I’ve made certain decisions, what I like, my temperament, my response to traumatic events, and most importantly, things that trigger me to feel negatively or positively. Self-awareness is hugely important for a successful journey through life. Without knowing who you are, you’re bound to repeat the same crippling cycles over and over. The more I grow, the more I learn about myself and the people around me and the more I see the importance of grace and kindness. However, I also understand that all personalities are fixed. A person might go through a spiritual transformation and release some bad behaviors, but even with clearing the negative clutter, that person will still do certain things a certain way because their mind is hard-wired.

Recently, I took a spiritual gifts assessment through Focus on the Family (see link below) and I was sort of disappointed with the results because I wanted a different outcome. I thought I knew myself very well, but I realized I’m just scratching the surface of my calling. Have you ever felt like you were running from your full potential? Well, that’s me right now at this moment in time, and yes, I’m looking to change a few things, but it’s going to take serious work.

Before taking the assessment, I looked over the seven spiritual gifts and I just knew I was going to be mostly gifted with prophecy and teaching. I didn’t even consider any of the other gifts because I was so confident (a better term is comfortable) in who I am and where I’m at that you couldn’t tell me I was wrong. Let’s just say I ran into reality and experienced yet another wake-up call…LOL!

My scores for prophecy and teacher were at 54% equally, but my score for administration/leading was 67%, making it my strongest gift. Yes, I was right about the other two being somewhat gifts, but the administration gift is one I’ve tried to run from for so long and because personalities are fixed, I found myself still identifying with most of the statements tied to the gift of administration. When I think back over my life, I saw this gift as a thorn in my side. I didn’t understand why people always made me the leader of something or asked me questions about how to process certain situations, but I always felt compelled to give them a response and take them in the direction they wanted to go. As long as I can remember I have displayed the characteristics of an administrator and no matter how much I try to do more of the things within other gifts, administration feels more natural for me, so now I’m at the healing stage of acceptance. My, oh my!! Acceptance is not just accepting what happened to you in the past, it’s also accepting who you really are.

Now, what? Well, I’ll get back to you all on that one. Until then, use the link below to help you confirm or discover your true spiritual gift.

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