Healing is Difficult But Not Impossible

One of the most shocking/difficult realities I was faced with on my healing journey was the fact that the ex-sociopath snagged someone who has a history of covering up crimes (rape, bogus check writing, domestic violence against her & her children, etc.) for the father of her children and would still be doing that today if the man hadn’t passed away. In my eyes, my ex hit the jackpot by teaming up with someone just as sick as he is, and I felt I (or any other victims) would never receive justice, because she’s the type to lie and criminalize victims just to protect a shell of a man. She’s a person who lacks morals and empathy, making for a perfect flying monkey. It was at this point of devastating reality that I knew in order for me to completely heal I would have to surrender my situation to God.

In the earlier part of my journey, my ex’s new partner made fun of my pain and encouraged her friends and family to do the same. It was very difficult to stand firm. I went through a host of emotional struggles and it was hard to watch people who had never spoken to me, join the side of my ex without hesitation. I wanted to fight back by lashing out, but instead, I chose to tell my story to help others heal, as I also healed.

This journey has been excruciatingly painful and at the same time joyfully rewarding. God has been good and I have overcome a lot of ridicule and attacks from countless flying monkeys sitting in front of my home, following me, threatening my life, calling me non-stop, sending me messages through social media, turning other people against me who I had never harmed in any way. This is why I do what I do. I understand the war survivors are faced with, but most importantly, I understand I need to get the message to survivors that WE HAVE THE VICTORY through CHRIST.

I love people and I still have hope that there are good people in the world. Many of you helped to restore that hope within me and I can’t thank you enough. Keep being a bright light in a very dark place.💜

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