Healing While Hiking

Approximately three years ago, I decided to do something in nature I had never done before, and that something was hiking. To be honest, I thought only people who could afford the best equipment would enjoy hiking experiences and this would be a hobby I couldn’t afford, but I was wrong. One morning I woke up and said “hey, I’m just going to start walking,” so I picked the Wichita Mountains and got to it. My soul was very deficient of something, but I didn’t know exactly what. I just knew I would find whatever I needed while hiking. You know how you crave certain foods with the vitamins that you need? Your body remembers where it got what was needed and causes you to crave things that have those specific vitamins. It’s the same process with your soul. When you’re spiritually deficient, you start to crave experiences or connections that can provide what you need for that moment and often that something includes a period of separation and being alone with God.

While hiking, I make it a point to connect with God as I stand in awe of His beautiful creation around me. I look at the animals and see how they don’t have a care in the world and remind myself I too should not be concerned about yesterday or tomorrow because both are completely out of my control. I should live in the present and focus on being the very best I can be in every moment God has blessed me with, but I can’t do that if I allow anxiety to overwhelm my heart and the weight of the world to crush my soul. Now, I want to be honest about how some days all I can do is walk because I do feel discouraged, but the most important part about my walk is that I got up to do it, so I still walk in victory. There’s no right or wrong way to heal, what’s important is that you heal.

Find something that you like to do, something that will help you take your mind off yourself and all of the problems that weigh you down, and I guarantee you’ll run into a moment of peace and contentment. It’s in those moments where I hear the voice of God clearly and feel myself moving closer to the things of Heaven.

Here are some photos of my hiking trips. Sometimes I hike alone and sometimes I hike with friends and family.

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