Nobody Really Likes the Narcissist

Something that’s hard for victims to believe during the thick of their pain is the reality that nobody really likes the narcissist. If you feel they’re loved by everyone, this is just another illusion that has been cast before you that the narcissist hopes you’ll believe. However, I ask you to take a closer look at the people around them. Do you see these folks hanging out with the narc? Do you see them visiting the narc when they’re sick? Most people only have a shallow connection with them because there’s nothing deep about the narc so they don’t really see them as a reliable friend or family member. If you do see people spending a lot of time with them, it’s highly likely those people are flying monkeys and I can guarantee you they’re getting something out of the deal with the narcissist, or they’re in a relationship with the narcissist and ashamed to admit they’ve been duped.

Just think about it….when you try to schedule a surprise birthday party/event for the narcissist many people they know (especially their family members) will not accept the invitation to attend. The narcissist is not a priority in their lives and they don’t want to celebrate them because often the narcissist didn’t show up for them or they don’t want to deal with the abuse.

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