Exposing Narcissism

Narcissists Hate When You Try to Rescue Them from Victimhood

Although most narcissists want to be seen as a helpless little victim in the eyes of others, they don’t necessarily want to be helped with their chronic victimhood mentality. Narcissists truly feel they’re above everyone they come in contact with and they get upset when people actually try to interfere with resolution.

Do you remember the moments you were genuinely concerned about the narcissist and attempted to reach out to help him or her with their troubles? Did they lash out at you and basically tell you to piss off? They do this because they want your feelings to be held hostage in suspense of why they can’t move on. If you actually help them resolve their problem, then they can’t be a forever victim. They don’t want you to actually help them, they want you to be angry with them and wallow in the mud with them.

When you start to offer solutions to their problems, you’ll find yourself in the discard lane pretty quickly. Keep offering advice to the narcissist’s you can’t avoid. It’s a sure way to keep that slimy critter at bay.

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