Exposing Narcissism

How to Destroy a Narcissist

Although narcissists are very evil creatures, they are highly paranoid and sensitive. Therefore, at any moment they could be destroyed by your words or actions. For example, you might ask them something about their body odor or if they knew their shirt had a small hole and these simple questions will be the most offensive words the narcissist has ever heard because they are very shallow creatures. They take offense easily and they often go into a rage when they’re when you ask them very simple questions that are often meant to help them with an issue. So destroying them is very simple and it doesn’t require much effort or ill intent. Sometimes you do it unknowingly.

Now, let’s talk about intentionally destroying a narcissist, would this be the best use of your time? I believe so if it’s done strategically and void of malice or the thoughts of revenge. If you want to truly destroy a narcissist, then you don’t engage in the same activities or behaviors the narcissist uses to hurt others. If you attempt to destroy them using the same tools then this will make you feel bad in the end. Remember, they’re pigs, they love slinging mud.

On the other hand, mirroring the narcissists behavior is sometimes a very necessary and effective response to their continuous taunting and harassment. This type of response is known within the empathic community as “Super Nova.” This is when the Super Empath has reached a breaking point and will not stop until he or she completely squashes the narc. Eventually, the Super Empath learns to control this energy and learns more effective (and less draining) ways of destroying a narcissist.

So here’s how you destroy a narcissist, you just simply tell your story. Narcissists create a smear campaign against you to try to convince you that nobody cares about what happened to you. They always try to beat you to the punch because they know they live very filthy lives and if you start talking and ignoring what the narcissist and flying monkeys think, then others will start listening.

The act of telling your story ties the narcissists hands and puts him or her in a place of fear. When you speak up you’re no longer allowing them to project fear on to you therefore, the narcissist must take back their fear and you take the control. A narcissist with no control is a narcissist who lives in a debilitating state of fear over what a talking survivor will do next. Taking your control back makes the narcissist become obsessed with you and anything you say becomes lethal to their well being.

Eventually, the narcissist appears absolutely foolish and ridiculous to others as they scramble to regain control over someone who appears unbothered. No-contact coupled with telling your story completely destroys the narcissist from the inside-out.

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