Group Coaching Scheduled to Begin in January, 2021

Join Joy (Pink Girl Teaches) and I as we help you to adjust your focus back onto you. It’s time for the healing to continue and joining a group could help lighten the burden of that journey. If you’re interested in signing up for any of the classes, please visit the “Group Coaching” tab to complete the sign-up form.

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  • Brenda A Sprinkle

    GOodmorning IAM really struggling not everyday but most of them I guess IAM betting myself up because I thought no one would believe who my ex, wife is we just were married oct.20 2020 on my grandma birthday I know she did this deliberately my grandmom was my Light I still hold in to also I beat myself up because I would never think a person with a whole YouTube channel that I got coaching from could be a covert narcissit I was working with her to overcome the last one I feel so ashamed of this and the stuff I tolerated behind closed doors with her 6 children was crazy not all of them she is a monster but on social media with all the pictures filters no one will know but me God, and you. She started smearing my name and everything People on YouTube talked about her but my dum ass didn’t believe them but I see now she has depleted me drained me of all my feelings it’s only been 11 days and today is the twins birthday I know I have to delete them as well out of my life IAM not okay with that but willing to accept it But have a good day and thanks for all that you do I know you guys are the real McCoys lol

    • LMoore

      I’m so sorry this happened to you. I apologize for responding so late. I hope things are moving along a little smoother for you now. Please join us for North of the Fray on Mondays to hear stories from other survivors. Maybe spending time with a loving group will help you as you begin the uphill climb towards healing. Blessings to you.


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