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I’m Tonia…..I am a child of God, mother, daughter, sister, friend, cousin, teacher, life coach, and survivor of what’s known as narcissistic abuse. It’s been approximately two and a half years since I’ve escaped being entangled with a sociopath (someone who serves the devil) and although the decision was difficult because of the fog/deception, it was the best decision I’ve made for myself and my future.

It was after walking away from a toxic relationship that I began to realize I had been walking in an abusive fog for most of my life. I quickly learned, due to childhood trauma, I followed a pattern of repeating unhealthy behaviors and making unwise choices. I chose very unhealthy people to befriend and date because I didn’t understand the importance of God’s love, boundaries, and self-love.

After I awakened and decided enough was enough, I began the critical and very difficult work of healing core wounds and identifying behaviors I wanted to eliminate from my life that would lead me back into the same trap if I avoided doing the work. Making the decision to heal core wounds enabled me to develop a healthier outlook on love, relationships, and the expectations of others and myself. However, this journey couldn’t have been possible without first acknowledging my need for Christ. I knew any progress would only be temporary if I didn’t first connect with the source of permanent peace and healing.

As I continue my journey of making healthy choices and living a life where I value myself as a purposeful creation of God, I consistently embrace the desire to share what I’ve learned with other survivors. My hope is to share a message that sets others free from the confusion that follows after leaving an abusive relationship with anyone (spouse, friends, family, etc.).

I believe we’re in the middle of a great awakening and many people are becoming aware of what’s known as narcissistic abuse as they take a stand against the spirit that drives narcissistic behavior. It’s time for us to stand together and fight the good fight against an evil that seeks to destroy every person it touches. This is not a battle against other humans, but it’s a battle against the forces of darkness (Ephesians 6:12).

I encourage you to find the strength to tell your story. I encourage you to submit your brokenness to Christ and allow Him to bring peace into your life. Some people will need to be removed, and that’s okay. As you walk closer to the cross of Christ, you’ll begin shedding those unwanted traumas that have weighed you down for so many years. Remember, silence hides violence (abusers) and allows them to continue abusing other innocent people. Your story could save someone’s life, especially your own.

Thank you so much for sharing your time with me and browsing my website.

In Christ,



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